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 Bodegas El Cidacos


Wine Cellar
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Wholesale distribution

Bodegas El Cidacos' rational pricing policy gives access to these excellent wines to a wide range of consumers in many countries around the world. The production capacity of the Bodegas El Cidacos plant enables the production of 4 million bottles (750 ml) of wine per year. The storage capacity allows the wine to mature in wooden oak barrels made of French and American oak. The wine is made from exceptional Rioja grapes under the control of the Control Board and DOC Quality Title, which guarantees high quality and demand.

Advanced technologies

Bodegas El Cidacos is a modern, technologically advanced company with a complete production cycle of wines of various kinds. Our wines are a classic example of quality authentic wines from the famous Rioja region. At all stages of production, very strict quality control is carried out, which includes double sorting of grapes entering the winery during harvest, strict regulation of fermentation and stabilization temperatures, constant monitoring of wine quality during maturation and use of state-of-the-art equipment on filling lines.

Prestigious area

The winery is located in the province of Rioja, near the town of Arnedo. The province is located in northern Spain in the Ebro Valley and consists of seven valleys, which are completely covered with vineyards and interwoven with shallow rivers. To the north, Rioja is bordered by the Sierra de Cantabria Mountains, and to the south by the Sierra de la Demanda Mountains. This location creates a special microclimate: the mountains protect the vineyards from cold winds and the river flows createa special ecosystem that protects the vines from possible frost.

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